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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Is a downpayment or deposit required before the homeowners job is begun ?

A: No. Storm Ready Services does not accept down-payments, deposits, or any money up-front

Q: Do you only provide service in Florida?

A: For the moment yes, Storm Ready Services is not a multi-state company as of yet, however plans are in the making to bring our services to numerous states.

Q: How much are inspections?

A: Inspections cost nothing in the Central Florida Area. Traveling to cities beyond Central Florida range between $ 10.00 and $ 20.00 depending on the distance from the Orlando area.

Q: What makes you better than your competition ?

A: SRS doesn't look to meet your expectations, but to exceed them at every contact. If you feel that SRS hasn't exceeded your expectations, the owners would like to hear from you.

A: SRS doesn't cut corners, nor do we take shortcuts. SRS uses only the best quality anchoring systems and hardware available. We use the correct equipment, at the correct location, and install it all correctly per the manufacturers specifications. We don't recommend unneeded repairs, nor do we "overcharge and underperform" on the job.

A: Your installation is guaranteed to be completed correctly before any settlement takes place. After the job is completed, the home is inspected again by an SRS inspector to confirm that all has been completed correctly under the home.

A: The homeowner and an SRS owner must be completely satisfied with your job. We get our homeowners involved with the inspection process so you can see what we see under the home. We get you involved after the installation so you can see how well your home has been treated.

A: SRS installs correctly Florida Statute 15C-1.0104 and 320.8325 which is the latest Florida code for mobile home installations.

Q: I needed work done yesterday! What do I do?

A: SRS has teams ready and available for emergency installations to meet FHA code or Insurance Certifications.

Q: How much does a typical installation / retrofit cost ?

A: Depending on the size of the home, a typical installation costs between 2500 and 4500 to complete correctly in order to satisfy Florida Statute 15C. It is possible to find a lower quote but not a better installation. Typically, when a homeowner has received a lower quote for service, the equipment quality or quantity won't be the same as the SRS quote. SRS can install less than what is required to meet 15C compliance but it is NOT recommended regardless of who completes the homeowners installation.

Q: How are we licensed and who are we licensed through?

A: SRS is licensed through the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which is what manufactured homes fall under. A link to the Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles is provided here.

Q: What warranties do you offer?

A: We offer 4 warranties on any SRS installation:

  • The installation will be completed correctly. As mentioned above, SRS does NOT cut corners or take any shortcuts when touching a homeowners home. We get you involved so you can see how well your home has been treated. We want to provide you with piece of mind that service to your home has been completed professionally.
  • Manufacturers Defects. If any piece of equipment fails due to manufacturer's defect, and not from wear & tear, the part is replaced at no charge to the homeowner. An example may be a strap that breaks at the beam clamp, or an anchor head that breaks off the shaft. Neither of these issues has ever happened but if there is an occurrence, the part is replaced at no charge.
  • Lifetime Inspections. Once a home has been touched by SRS, we consider the home our responsibility. The home will receive lifetime inspections at no charge for the life of the home. It doesn't matter who owns the home, SRS wants the opportunity to confirm that what SRS has touch underneath is functioning as designed.
  • Homes that are brought up to 15C code receive 2 copies of a Certificate Of Completion. The Certificate can be transferred to a new resident upon sale of the home. The Certificate can also be sent to your homeowners insurance company in an effort to gain a reduction in homeowners insurance.

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Preparing For Florida's Next Storm Season

What You Need To Know Before The Storm

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